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Q.        What Size Soccer Ball do I need?


A.        This is a question we are asked a lot. It depends on the age of the person using the Ball. 

            Here is a simple chart to help you:


Size 3

7 and under

Size 4

8 - 11 years old

Size 5

12 years old and up


Q.        What are the regulation sizes & weights for Soccer Balls?


A.        FIFA criteria for Size 5 balls, Inspected Category


Ball Size




68 - 70 cm

26 ¾” - 27 ½’

410 - 450 grams

14 ½ - 16 oz.


            USSF criteria for Size 3 & 4 balls



Ball Size




23 - 24 inches

11 - 12 oz.


25 - 26 inches

12 - 13 oz.


Please Note:   If a size 4 soccer ball measures 25 ¼” when you inflate it the first time, it is of regulation size. Most

                        balls will stretch a little as they are used. The stretching process can add up to ¾” and the ball would

                        still be of regulation size.



Q.        Can I return a Product?


A.        Yes


            Please ship all returns and / or exchanges by UPS or other track-able means

            (U.S. Post “SIGNED RECEIPT” or Fed-EX). All returns and / or exchanges must

            be accompanied by a copy of the Invoice along with a short explanation for the

            return and / or exchange.


            Defective items:

            We will replace or issue a credit for the defective items, please specify in your note.


            New Items:

            We will exchange or issue a credit for the new item, please specify in you note.


            Please return products to:

            American Challenge

            C/O Returns Department

            60 Corbin Avenue, Unit N

            Bay Shore, NY 11706


            Please Note: We cannot accept COD's or packages marked "Bill Recipient".

            Please keep the receipt or tracking number of your returned package in the event it is delayed or lost.


            All refunds will be for merchandise only; we cannot refund shipping costs unless the item was sent in error.

            We cannot replace or refund Printed Apparel if the wrong size was ordered.


            If you have a question concerning a return, please feel free to call us, 1.800.638.9112.

            The Customer Service department is open from 9:00am - 4:30pm Monday to Friday, Eastern Standard.


Q.        What/Who is FIFA?


A.        FIFA, Federation Internationale De Football Association, (International Federation Of Football Association) is the

           World governing body of Soccer. Find them on the web at www.fifa.com


Q.        What does it mean when the guarantee states “Guaranteed against manufacturing defects”?


A.         A Manufacturing Defect in a Soccer Ball is when the ball is made and something is not done properly.


            The four areas that are of relevance to the Customer are; Valve, Bladder, Shape and Stitching. If any of these four

            things are not done properly the ball will not perform properly or it will fall apart.


            Valve - The valve is where the Needle goes so that you can inflate the ball. If the valve is not glued correctly to the

            inside of the ball it will either come loose and cause the ball to wobble or it will separate from the ball and you will

            not be able to insert the needle to inflate the ball. If the Valve has fallen into the ball, it is probably defective and

            you can send it back to us for exchange once we have inspected it for damage.


            Bladder - The bladder is the “rubber balloon” that is inside the ball and it holds the air. If the bladder is punctured

            during the sewing process the ball will loose air once it is inflated. All our bladders are inflated before

            manufacturing to make sure that they do not have holes and the balls are all inflated after they are sewn to make

            sure that the bladder has not been nicked by a needle during the sewing process. On occasion the bladder does

            get nicked and passes inspection only to have a small hole or nick become apparent after the ball has been used. 

            If your ball looses air slowly, the best thing to do is inflate the ball and listen to hear the air escape. If you can find

            the point were the air is coming out, you can then see if there is a thorn hole or fence hole causing the problem. If

            there is no apparent hole, then the ball is probably defective and you can send it back to us for exchange once

            we have inspected it for damage.


            Shape - A soccer ball is round. Or as defined by FIFFA - Spherical. When we make a soccer ball we use 4 layers of

            lining to make sure that the ball will retain the correct shape; round. Each layer is individually stretched and glued to

            the outer casing material in opposite directions from each other so that there is the least amount of give and take

            between the layers. Our intent is for the final product not to stretch or “pull” out of shape. If the ball wobbles in the

            air then it is quite probably out of round. If this happens, then the ball is probably defective and you can send it

            back to us for exchange once we have inspected it for damage.


            Stitching - The thread that we use to sew our soccer balls is of the highest quality. We use a polyester thread that

            is pre-stretched to insure the least amount of give in the ball. The sewers’ that sew our balls take special care to

            double knot the thread on every panel to help insure that the knots do not come loose. In over 30 years of

            manufacturing soccer balls we have never had a ball returned to us because the stitching has come undone or torn.

            There have been a few instances were the material has torn away from the stitches, but that has usually been

            caused by over inflating the soccer ball. If the stitching on your ball comes undone, then the ball is probably

            defective and you can send it back to us for exchange once we have inspected it for damage.


Q.        What are the “Laws of the Game”?


A.        There are 17 Laws of the Game. FIFA has a great site were you can view the laws:




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